The PITHIA trial – a novel trial to improve kidney utilisation

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 4th October 2017

Soon to start recruiting in the UK, the Pre-Implantation Trial of Histopathology In renal Transplant Allografts (PITHIA) trial blends national collaboration, a unique digital pathology service, registry-based follow-up and a novel stepped-wedge design to assess the impact of a national donor histopathology service on kidney utilisation. The trial is being run by chief investigator Gavin […]

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May 2016 Transplant Trial Watch now available

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 29th April 2016

The May 2016 Transplant Trial Watch is now available online and via our app for iPhone, iPad and Android. This months new trials include long-term follow-up from the Spare the Nephron trial, methods for promoting organ donation and mobile medical apps for encouraging sun protection behaviour.

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Time of extraction of deceased donor kidneys influences DGF

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 8th October 2015

In a very interesting study with a novel observation, which is in press in the AJT, the authors present an analysis of the impact of the extraction time of kidney (the time from beginning of surgery with aortic cross clamping and perfusion/cooling of the kidneys to removal of kidneys and placing them in ice on the back table). […]

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Mild cooling of organ donor reduces incidence of DGF

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 8th October 2015

This is a fascinating study with significant implications for preservation studies. The authors show that organ donors after brain death subjected to mild cooling had significantly less DGF than donors subjected to conventional normothermia before organ retrieval. In fact the DMC stopped the study on the basis that efficacy had been demonstrated before completion of […]

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March Transplant Trial Watch now online

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 3rd March 2015

The arch 2015 edition of the Transplant Trial Watch is now available on the CET website and via the Trial Watch App.  Take a look now to see the latest trials from the world of solid organ transplantation!

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Presumed consent in organ transplantation is unnecessary and ethically unsound

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 6th January 2015

Professor John Fabre, Past President of the British Transplant Society, has written an extremely well argued case against presumed consent in organ donation stating that it is both clinically unnecessary and that it would compromise the ethics of clinical practice. The author argues in this article that rather than legislating for consented donors we should […]

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World Transplant Congress

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 27th August 2014

The World Congress in Transplantation, which was a joint meeting between the TTS, the ASTS and the AST took place in San Francisco from the 26th to the 31st of July. It was a huge meeting with some 7,000 people attending which made it quite difficult to meet people. The opening ceremony was rather special […]

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Improving outcomes of living donor right hepatectomy

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 1st March 2013

This article is a single centre review from the National Liver Cancer Centre in Korea of their experience of living donor right hepatectomy between 2005 and 2011 and includes 300 consecutive living donors. The authors examine the data in three cohorts of 100 donors. The overall complication rate was 16% and there were no deaths. […]

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New Era for Organ Donation and Transplant in China

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 2nd January 2013

The latest World Health Organization bulletin publishes an interview with Haibo Wang who is the Director of the China Organ Transplant Response System Research Centre for the Ministry of Health, a position he has held since 2011. He is interviewed by Fiona Fleck of the WHO and it is a very interesting interview, particularly with […]

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Facebook team up with the NHS Organ Donation Campaign

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 5th September 2012

Facebook have recently teamed up with the NHS Organ Donation Campaign to allow Facebook users to register as organ donors through the site. Users will also be able to share their intentions with their family and friends through the site. The move allows NHS Blood and Transplant to reach a new audience through social media, […]

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