We have completed or are currently undertaking a number of projects at the CET, including systematic reviews and meta-analyses. For more details, see the list below.

Critical appraisal of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Kidney Transplantation using the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Education (AGREE) II tool: a systematic review.In progress
What are the clinical outcomes of Cyclosporine A versus Tacrolimus in paediatric kidney transplant recipients: A meta-analysisIn progress
Does belatacept improve outcomes for kidney transplant recipients? A systematic review.Complete
Antifungal prophylaxis in liver transplantationComplete
Comparison of oxygenated and non-oxygenated hypothermic machine preservation of deceased donor kidneys for transplantationIn progress
To compare normothermic versus hypothermic regional perfusion in kidney and liver donation after circulatory death (DCD): a systematic review.In progress
Tacrolimus Once Daily versus Twice Daily in Organ Transplantation: A Systematic ReviewIn progress
Preservation solutions for static cold storage of liversComplete
Comparison of University of Wisconsin Solution and Hyperosmolar Citrate for kidney preservationComplete
mTOR inhibitor conversion from 3 months in kidney transplantation: a systematic review of randomised trialsIn progress
Hypothermic machine perfusion versus static cold storage of kidneysComplete
Abstracts of RCTs and full publicationIn progress
Alemtuzumab in kidney transplantation: a systematic review of randomised trialsComplete
Methodological quality of RCTs and citationsIn progress
Methodological quality of RCTs from 2007 - 2009Complete
Pancreatic transplantation alone and intense insulin therapyIn progress
Preservation solutions for static cold storage of kidneysComplete
Systematic Review of the use of Rituximab in Renal TransplantationComplete
Clinical Benefits of Statin Therapy in Heart Transplantation – A Systematic ReviewComplete
The role of TB prophylaxis following transplantationComplete
mTOR inhibitors and wound complications or lymphocele formationComplete
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of MMF versus AzathioprineComplete
Does C2 monitoring in organ transplant recipients demonstrate clinical benefit when compared with trough monitoring: a systematic reviewComplete
Therapeutic drug monitoring of Mycophenolate MofetilComplete
Meta-analysis and Systematic Review of Steroid Avoidance/Withdrawal RegimensComplete
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Calcineurin Inhibitor reduced/free immunosuppression in Solid Organ TransplantationComplete
Management of hepatic malignancy: the role of transplantationComplete
Registry of Randomised Controlled Trials in TransplantationComplete