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Assessing the acceptability and efficacy of teens taking charge: Transplant-A pilot randomized control trial.

Korus, M., Cruchley, E. et al. (2019).

Pediatric Transplantation [record in progress].

This pilot trial aimed to determine the feasibility and estimated efficacy of a web-based, TTC program.

Patients were randomized to either an intervention group that accessed TTC or a control group that did not access the program.

42 participants, including both renal and liver transplant candidates were enrolled over a 2 year period.

Outcomes measured included feasibility, programme use, pre- and post-intervention health-related outcomes evaluating self-management, self-efficacy, mood, use of healthcare services, and knowledge. These outcomes were obtained via semi-structured interviews.

1 year

CET Conclusions
This pilot randomised controlled trial aimed to determine the feasibility of the Teens Take Charge (TTC) programme that addresses self-management for adolescent liver and kidney transplant candidates and recipients. Preliminary estimates of efficacy were calculated and interviews with participants were held regarding their experiences and perspectives of the TTC programme at the 3-month follow up. Forty-four pre-transplant and transplanted patients aged 12-18 were randomised using a web-based randomisation programme to either the TTC programme or the control group that was not given access to the TTC programme. Three participants withdrew from the study. The preliminary results show that participants considered the website reliable and would recommend it to others, however on average participants spent very little time using the website. No differences were found for any of the self-report health-related outcomes. Further research should take into account the reported barriers such as not being able to access the site on a mobile device and participants reporting being too busy to access the site.

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Modified intention-to-treat analysis

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