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Listening to music during arteriovenous fistula surgery alleviates anxiety: A randomized single-blind clinical trial.

Cimen, S. G., et al.

World Journal of Transplantation 2020; 10(4): 79-89.

The aim of this study was examine the effects of music on anxiety, physiological responses and perceived postsurgical pain in patients undergoing arteriovenous fistula surgery.

Patients were randomized to either the music group or no music (control) group.

Patients on a waitlist for renal transplant and scheduled for arteriovenous fistula surgery.

The primary outcomes were the assessment of anxiety levels using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), and hemodynamic parameters including systolic, diastolic blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate and oxygen saturation. The secondary endpoints were perceived post-operative pain, requirement for analgesic treatment and willingness to repeat the surgery.

6 months

CET Conclusions
The single-blinded, randomised controlled trial reviewed the effect of music therapy on anxiety and physiological responses in adult patients who were waitlisted for kidney transplantation and underwent fistula surgery. No power analysis was presented and patients were allocated to groups using randomisation software. Patients in the music arm were given a headset and could choose their own music. Patients in the control group were exposed to the operating room noise. Anxiety, pain, willingness to repeat the procedure and hemodynamic parameters were assessed and where needed patients were assisted by a researcher who was blinded to the study arms. Fifty-five patients were randomised of whom 14 were excluded because they could not complete the forms correctly, or required sedation or anaesthesia. The hemodynamic parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate were all significantly lower in the music arm as were pain and anxiety levels. More patients in the study arm were willing to repeat the surgical procedure. This small, underpowered study shows promising results for a relatively cheap and easy intervention to decrease anxiety, pain and physiological responses in patients undergoing fistula surgery.

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