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A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Pretransplant Educational Intervention in Kidney Patients.

Mansell, H., et al.

Transplantation Direct 2021; 7(10): e753.

This study aimed to investigate whether a home-based video intervention was effective in improving knowledge regarding kidney transplantation in patients undergoing assessment or on the waitlist for kidney (or kidney-pancreas) transplant.

Participants were randomised to either home-based video education plus usual care or to usual care alone.

162 patients undergoing assessment or waitlisted for kidney (or kidney-pancreas) transplant.

The primary outcome was the change in transplant knowledge. The secondary outcomes included video viewing habits, education satisfaction, self-efficacy, and quality of life.

1 month

CET Conclusions
This is an interesting randomised controlled trial from 3 centres in Canada. Kidney transplant patients on the waiting list were randomised to standard education, or to standard education plus electronic access to educational videos. The patients were randomised using a satisfactory method that also maintained allocation concealment. Blinding was not feasible, although patients were not told which arm of the study they were in, it might have been possible to discern this. There is a good description of the outcomes of interest as well as withdrawals and dropouts. The study found a significant increase in patient understanding scores with the additional education in the intervention group. A good proportion in the intervention arm (70%) watched over 80% of the educational videos. Patients in this arm were also significantly more satisfied with their education program. The study adds further evidence to support the claim that multimodal approaches are superior for influencing positive behaviours.

Jadad score

Data analysis
Strict intention-to-treat analysis

Allocation concealment

Trial registration - NCT03633136

Funding source
Non-industry funded