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Metabolic and functional effects of exercise training in diabetic kidney transplant recipients.

Michou, V., et al.

World Journal of Transplantation 2022; 12(7): 184-194.

The aim of this study was to investigate the metabolic and functional effects of a 6-month home-based exercise training program in diabetic kidney transplant recipients.

Participants were randomised to either the exercise (intervention) group or the usual care (control) group.

28 kidney transplant recipients.

Glucose levels, lipid profile and functional capacity.

6 months

CET Conclusions
This is a single-blind trial in renal transplantation whereby diabetic kidney transplant recipients were randomised to follow an exercise program for 6 months or normal care. Being home-based, the exercise program was individualised for each patient and monitored by telephone weekly, with a monthly home visit. Patients were required to keep an exercise diary to further increase compliance. 14 patients were included in the study and 7 withdrew due to health or personal reasons (3 from study group and 4 from control group). After 6 months the patients in the exercise group had a significant reduction in fasting plasma glucose, serum triglycerides and HbA1c, as well as a significant increase in HDL. The control group did not demonstrate any significant change in these measurements during the study. The study shows a benefit of aerobic/strength exercise in this group. It is particularly interesting as the exercise was led by the individual and conducted at home without any attendant personal trainer or direct monitoring. Having said that, it is not clear what proportion of patients would continue to make a sustained change in lifestyle after the, relatively hands-off, monitoring ceased at the end of the study.

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