Transplant Trial Watch

To keep the transplantation community informed about recently published level 1 evidence in organ transplantation ESOT and the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation have developed the Transplant Trial Watch.

The Transplant Trial Watch is a monthly overview of 10 new randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and systematic reviews. It includes a brief description of each study, an assessment of the reporting of some methodological quality features and the main conclusions of the report written by the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation (CET). RCTs and systematic reviews are selected by the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation on the basis of quality or interest. Electronic publications ahead of print are listed as [record in progress].

The first issue of the Transplant Trial Watch was published in September 2009. It is now made available to thousands of transplant professionals worldwide each month.

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January 2018

Kidney transplantation

Completeness of reporting of adverse events in trials of maintenance immunosuppression in kidney transplantation: a systematic review.
Howell M, Yeo R, et al. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 2017; 32(9): 1586-1594.

Risk prediction models for graft failure in kidney transplantation: a systematic review.
Kabore R, Haller MC, et al. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 2017; 32(suppl 2): ii68-ii76.

A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Mobile Clinical Decision Aid to Improve Access to Kidney Transplantation: iChoose Kidney.
Patzer RE, Basu M, et al. KI Reports 1(1): 34-42.

Impact of spontaneous donor hypothermia on graft outcomes after kidney transplantation.
Schnuelle P, Mundt HM, et al. American Journal of Transplantation 2017 [record in progress].

Comparative efficacy and safety of antibody induction therapy for the treatment of kidney: a network meta-analysis.
Shao M, Tian T, et al. Oncotarget 2017; 8(39): 66426-66437.

Improved pulse wave velocity and renal function in individualized calcineurin-inhibitor treatment by immunomonitoring: the randomized controlled Calcineurin Inhibitor-Sparing (CIS) Trial.
Sommerer C, Brocke J, et al. Transplantation 2017; 26: 26.

Valganciclovir prophylaxis versus preemptive therapy in cytomegalovirus-positive renal allograft recipients: Long-term results after 7 years of a randomized clinical trial.
Witzke O, Nitschke M, et al. Transplantation 2017 [record in progress].

Liver transplantation

Endoscopic approach for management of biliary strictures in liver transplant recipients: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Aparicio D, Otoch JP, et al. United European Gastroenterology Journal 2017; 5(6): 827-845

Heart transplantation

A Comprehensive Risk Score to Predict Prolonged Hospital Length of Stay After Heart Transplantation.
Crawford TC, Magruder JT, et al. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 2017; 01: 01.

Pediatric Heart Transplantation: Transitioning to Adult Care (TRANSIT): Baseline Findings.
Grady KL, Hof KV, et al. Pediatric Cardiology 2017; 03: 03.