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Kieran Zucker

Kieran Zucker

Research Fellow

Kieran Zucker obtained his BSc in 2009 in Medical Sciences with Molecular Medicine from University College London. During his degree he undertook research into gene expression relating to LDL cholesterol in FMO 1, 2 & 4 knockout mice. He previously conducted research on behalf of Prof. John Ward’s group at UCL as part of a studentship in microbiology. He is currently undergoing the clinical training component of his medical degree at UCL and will graduate in 2012.

Over the past few years Kieran has been involved in work with asylum seekers including working at The Refugee Council conducting healthcare assessments and working as a researcher for the Independent Asylum Commission. At UCL Kieran is involved in peer led medical education, having worked as a “near peer” anatomy demonstrator as well as teaching first and second year revision tutorials. He also runs a student selected component on behalf of the medical school for preclinical medical students on how to teach sexual education in schools. Kieran currently sits as a member of the Junior Advisory Board of Wesleyan Medical Sickness.

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