Transplant Trial Watch

To keep the transplantation community informed about recently published level 1 evidence in organ transplantation ESOT and the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation have developed the Transplant Trial Watch.

The Transplant Trial Watch is a monthly overview of 10 new randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and systematic reviews. It includes a brief description of each study, an assessment of the reporting of some methodological quality features and the main conclusions of the report written by the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation (CET). RCTs and systematic reviews are selected by the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation on the basis of quality or interest. Electronic publications ahead of print are listed as [record in progress].

The first issue of the Transplant Trial Watch was published in September 2009. It is now made available to thousands of transplant professionals worldwide each month.

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June 2019

Kidney transplantation

Effect of denosumab on trabecular bone score in de novo kidney transplant recipients.
Bonani, M., Frey, D. et al. (2019). Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation;[record in progress].

Effects of immunoadsorption combined with membrane filtration on complement markers - Results of a randomized, controlled, crossover study.
Defendi, F., Malvezzi, P. et al. (2019). Transplant International: 22:22.

Randomised controlled trial of a video intervention and behaviour contract to improve medication adherence after renal transplantation: the VECTOR study protocol.
Mansell, H., Rosaasen, N. et al. (2019). BMJ Open 9(3): e025495.

Safety and efficacy of eculizumab in the prevention of antibody-mediated rejection in living-donor kidney transplant recipients requiring desensitization therapy: a randomized trial.
Marks, W. H., Mamode, N. et al. (2019). American Journal of Transplantation 19: 19.

P-NGAL Day 1 predicts early but not one year graft function following deceased donor kidney transplantation – The CONTEXT study.
Nielsen, M. B., Krogstrup, N. V. et al. (2019). PLoS ONE [Electronic Resource] 14(2): e0212676.

Liver transplantation

Liver Transplantation for Wilson's Disease in Non-adult Patients: A Systematic Review.
Garoufalia, Z., Prodromidou, A. et al. (2019). Transplantation Proceedings 51(2): 443-445.

Pregnancy Outcomes After Liver Transplantation: A Systematic Review.
Prodromidou, A., Kostakis, I. D. et al. (2019). Transplantation Proceedings 51(2): 446-449.

Antegrade hepatic artery and portal vein perfusion versus portal vein perfusion alone in live donor liver transplantation: a randomized trial.
Shaji Mathew, J., Kumar, K. Y. S. et al. (2019). Liver Transplantation 25: 25.

Study protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled trial to compare the efficacy of end-ischemic dual hypothermic oxygenated machine perfusion with static cold storage in preventing non-anastomotic biliary strictures after transplantation of liver grafts donated after circulatory death: DHOPE-DC
van Rijn, R., van den Berg, A. P. et al. (2019). BMC Gastroenterology 19(1): 40.

Heart transplantation

Comparing everolimus-based immunosuppression with reduction or withdrawal of calcineurin inhibitor reduction from six months after heart transplantation: the randomized MANDELA study.
Barten, M. J., Hirt, S. W. et al. (2019). American Journal of Transplantation: [record in progress].