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Nishanthi Talawila

Nishanthi Talawila

Research Associate

Miss Talawila holds a BEng in Media Communication Systems and an MSc in Public Health (Health Services Research) from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Nishanthi has worked at the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation since May 2006 Her current role involves extensive searching of literature from journals and congress abstracts to find articles to be added to an on-line Transplant library. In addition to this, searching for and adding selected systematic reviews and meta-analyses of good quality to the Transplant Library. Nishanthi is also currently conducting a systematic review.


Talawila N, Pengel LH. Does belatacept improve outcomes for kidney transplant recipients? A systematic review. Transpl Int. 2015; 28(11):1251–1264 [PMID:25965549]

Talawila N, Pengel LHM. Does Belatacept Improve Outcomes For Kidney Transplant Recipients? A Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials (Poster presentation at the British Transplantation Society Congress, Glasgow, March 2014)