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William Mulley

William Mulley


Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Dr William Mulley is a renal transplant physician at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia. WM graduated from a Bachelor of Medicine with honours at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He passed his Royal Australasian College of Physicians examination and specialised in Nephrology. WM undertook a PhD in transplant immunology at the Austin Research Institute and Melbourne University and more lately has completed a Masters in Clinical Research Methodology which was awarded with the University Medal for Academic Excellence (Monash University). Along the way WM has been awarded funding for clinical and basic science research and continues to be involved in both fields. His areas of interest include antibody mediated rejection and vaccine responses in transplant recipients.

William is visiting Oxford for a 6 month sabbatical. Whilst in Oxford we will be collaborating on a systematic review of the impact of vaccination on recipient outcomes and sensitisation.


Mulley WR, Dendle C, Ling JEH, Knight SR. Does vaccination in solid-organ transplant recipients result in adverse immunologic sequelae? A systematic review and meta-analysis. J Heart Lung Transplant. 2018; S1053-2498(18) 31382-2. [PMID:29609844]