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Wichor  Bramer

Wichor Bramer


Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Wichor Bramer studied biology at rijksuniversiteit Groningen (the Netherlands). After obtaining a Bachelor's degree he made the switch to study Information Services and Management at Saxion Hogeschool in Deventer (the Netherlands), from which he graduated in 2002.

Since then he has worked as an information specialist in several health care related organizations in the Netherlands. In 2009 he started as biomedical information specialist at the Medical Library of Erasmus MC. His main tasks are to create exhaustive searches for systematic reviews, and to develop and conduct workshops for PhDs on systematic searching in various databases.

He has developed a method that helps him create exhaustive and high quality searches in a much shorter time than usual, and a method for fast but accurate deduplication of obtained reference. This allows him to design, perform, execute, and import into reference software and deduplicate the results of the searches for over 250 systematic reviews on a yearly basis.

He has published about his experience and has been a presenter on international conferences, and has given invited workshops to international groups of information specialists.

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