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Laura Wingfield

Laura Wingfield

Research Fellow

University of Oxford

Laura is currently an Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) in transplant surgery at Oxford. Laura’s particular research interest lies in ways to predict individual organ graft survival using modern computing methodologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). She has written a systematic review with the CET on AI methods compared with traditional linear modelling used to predict individual liver graft survival. Her research in this area was shortlisted for the Calne Williams award (presentation to be given March 2020).

Laura was previously an Academic Foundation Post (AFP) doctor at Southampton working for Professor Ottensmeier, director NIHR Cancer Research UK, Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre. The aim of this research was to determine biomarkers to predict survival and treatment efficacy in metastatic uveal melanoma.

Prior to her career in medicine, Laura was a business consultant for the World Health Organization and worked on global campaigns including Safe Surgery Saves Lives and the Clean Hands campaigns. In addition to her medical degree, she has a BSc. in business and BA in communications. She is current undertaking a PGDip in Health Research at the University of Oxford (expected 2020).


Wingfield LR, Salaun A, Khan A, Webb H, Zhu T, Knight S. Clinical Decision Support Systems Used in Transplantation: Are They Tools for Success or an Unnecessary Gadget? A Systematic Review. Transplantation. [PMID:37143191]