Our Research

Delivery of Ex-Situ defatting agents during normothermic liver perfusion for transplantation (DeFAT)

The DeFAT study builds on preclinical experimental work undertaken in Oxford, investigating methods for reducing fat content in steatotic livers prior to transplantation. This work demonstrated that a combination of pharmacological agents and a lipid filter, during normothermic preservation of the liver, is able to reduce the degree of steatosis and improve function. We hope that this will improve the post-transplant outcomes from steatoic livers.

The DeFAT study will randomise livers with a high chance of steatosis to NMP alone, or NMP with defatting protocol. 60 liver offers will be randomised in four UK transplant centres. The primary endpoint will be the proportion of livers meeting pre-defined criteria for transplantability following 6 hours of perfusion.

The study is funded by the NIHR EME scheme, and supported by the NHSBT Clinical Trials Unit. It is currently in set-up, aiming to start recuitment later in 2021.