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Effect of Different Types of Messages on Readiness to Indicate Willingness to Register for Organ Donation During Driver's License Renewal in Japan.

Hirai, K., et al.

Transplantation 2020; 104(12): 2591-2598.

This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of six different types of messages in promoting readiness for organ donation registraton at a driver’s license centre in Japan.

Participants were randomised to receive one of six different messages, five of which included a message to prompt participants to indicate their intentions about organ donation, and one control message which did not contain any prompt message.

7615 individuals received a questionnaire, and 3747 respondents submitted the questionnaire.

The primary endpoint included the readiness of the respondent to make a written declaration of their willingness for organ donation on their new driver’s license card.


CET Conclusions
The study evaluated the effectiveness of different messages to promote the intention to donate. Participants were recruited from a driver’s license centre and investigators randomly distributed leaflets with one of five types of framed messages, including peer, gain, loss, reciprocity and peer + reciprocity framed messages, or a control message. The power calculation indicated that 3070 participants were required and 3244 respondents completed the questionnaire. In the logistic regression analysis reading the reciprocity-framed message was a predictor of strong readiness to register for organ donation. None of the messages has a significant effect on willingness to discuss organ donation with family members.

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