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The effect of early tracheal extubation combined with physical training on pulmonary rehabilitation of patients after lung transplantation: a randomized controlled trial.

Wu, T., et al.

Journal of Thoracic Disease 2022; 14(4): 1120-1129.

The aim of this study was to compare the effects of early extubation combined with physical training versus routine nursing intervention on pulmonary rehabilitation of patients following lung transplantation.

Participants were randomly divided to receive either routine nursing intervention or early extubation combined with a physical training program.

96 lung transplant recipients.

The primary outcome was lung function. The secondary outcomes were indwelling tracheal intubation time, intensive care unit (ICU) stay time, discharge time, Modified Barthel Index (MBI), 6 Minutes Walk Distance (6MWD) and satisfaction rate.

4 weeks

CET Conclusions
The trial compared an intervention of early extubation combined with an early exercise programme (n=48) versus standard nursing care (n=48) in lung transplant recipients. Patients were randomised according to a random number method but no method of allocation concealment was described and no power calculation was described. Groups were similar at baseline. The per-protocol analysis showed that all indicators of lung function and the ability to perform activities of daily living were significantly better for the intervention group compared with the control group. ICU stay was similar between groups but discharge time was significantly shorter for the intervention group.

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