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Randomized intervention to assess the effectiveness of an educational video on organ donation intent among Hispanics in the New York metropolitan area.

Pekmezaris, R., et al.

World Journal of Transplantation 2023; 13(4): 190-200.

The aim of this study was to evaluate whether an educational video was effective in improving organ donation intent among Hispanic New York residents.

Participants were randomised to either view a short educational video on organ donation prior to the survey or to view the same video following the survey.

365 Hispanic New York City (NYC) residents.

The main outcomes of interest were to assess the impact of the emotional video on willingness to donate, and to identify driving factors for organ donation.


CET Conclusions
This randomised study from New York recruited adult Hispanic residents and delivered an online survey to elicit their knowledge and views on organ donation. Participants were randomised to watch an emotive video on deceased donation either before answering the survey, or after. The authors found that participants who watched the video before answering the survey showed more willingness to register as a donor (OR 2.05) and greater awareness as to how to sign up. The study is well designed and interesting, demonstrating how simple information provision may impact donation decisions in diverse populations. It is worth noting that the study did not measure actual registrations, just intent, and future studies should look at impact on actual registration rates as a closer proxy to real-world benefit.

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