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A New Formula for Estimation of Standard Liver Volume Using Computed Tomography Measured Body Thickness.

Ma KW, Chok KSH, et al.

Liver Transplantation 2017; 26: 26.

To derive a more accurate and easy to use formula for the estimation of standard liver volume (ESLV) using novel computed tomography (CT) measured parameters.

Participants were randomly allocated to either a formula derivation group or validation group in a 50:50 ratio. Formula derivation, formula validation and formula validation using transplant recipient data were conducted.

722 living donors and 361 recipients (197 from the derivation group and 164 from the validation group).

Measured outcomes included demographic data, anthropometric parameters, radiological measurements, graft information and postoperative outcomes.

5 years

CET Conclusions
This paper from Hong Kong reports the derivation of a new formula for estimation of standard liver volume in a cohort of 722 live donors/recipients. The authors randomly assigned patients to derivation and validation cohorts, and derived a formula including body weight and body depth as the best predictor of liver volume. This new formula performed marginally better than previously published formulae in this cohort. The use of body width, which is relatively easy to measure on CT, is a novel finding. However, the formula is derived from an almost entirely Asian population and will need external validation prior to use in other settings. The R-squared value for the new formula is only 0.48, suggesting moderate correlation at best.

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