Sir Peter Morris 1934-2022

By: Liset Pengel | Posted on 2nd November 2022

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Professor Sir Peter Morris last weekend at the age of 88.  Peter was a much loved and respected figure in the international transplant community, with a clinical career that encompassed Australia, the US and the UK, eventually settling as the Nuffield Chair of […]

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Successful 2022 ESOT ACADEMIA course in Rome

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 11th April 2022

After cancellation last year due to the COVID pandemic, we were very pleased to be back in Rome last week for the 2022 ESOT ACADEMIA course. The annual course, organised by ESOT and run in collaboration with the CET, aims to teach professional skills including oral and online presentation, systematic review and meta-analysis and statistics […]

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Seeking motivated students or fellows to contribute to a qualitative evidence synthesis in organ donation.

By: Liset Pengel | Posted on 16th November 2021

We are looking for motivated students or fellows who are interested in contributing to an ongoing qualitative evidence synthesis entitled “What are the experiences of clinical staff approaching families for consent to organ donation?”. You will participate in data extraction and critical appraisal. No previous experience necessary and training will be provided. In return for […]

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Value of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in Surgery

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 1st November 2021

Have you ever wondered why surgical specialties lag behind their medical counterparts in Evidence-Based medicine? Or what the specific challenges are for EBM in surgical specialties? This review, written by CET co-director Simon Knight and published in European Surgical Research this month, looks at the value of systematic reviews in surgery and some of the […]

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New Transplant Evidence App released!

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 21st December 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Transplant Evidence App for Android and iPhone. The app delivers the monthly Transplant Trial Watch direct to your phone, with push notifications, review videos, and the ability to share interesting studies with your colleagues and friends. You can also search the archives, filtering by organ […]

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COPE COMPARE study published in the Lancet

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 20th November 2020

We are pleased to announce that the Consortium for Organ Preservation in Europe (COPE) COMPARE study has been published in the Lancet today. The Centre for Evidence in Transplantation provided support in the design, conduct and reporting for the study as leaders of the methodological work package for the consortium. The COMPARE study is a […]

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COVID-19 resources in the Transplant Library

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 31st March 2020

The Centre for Evidence in Transplantation are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the British Transplanation Society to compile resources related to COVID-19 in transplantation and add them to the Transplant Library. We hope that this resource will be useful for transplant professionals during the current crisis, providing the most up-to-date guidelines, […]

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January 2019 Transplant Trial Watch is now available

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 4th January 2019

The first Transplant Trial watch of 2019 is now available online. This month, the TTW includes a trial of the use of coated ureteric stents, somatostatin as an inflow modulator in liver transplantation, and the use of naloxone in DBD lung donors.

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Immortal time bias in survival analysis

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 17th December 2018

Whilst reviewing an article submitted to a transplant journal recently, my attention was brought to an issue that is often overlooked in survival analysis, called ‘immortal time bias’. The issue arises when the groups to be compared in the analysis are defined by a time-dependent event that can occur any time during follow-up. As standard […]

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