Value of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in Surgery

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 1st November 2021

Have you ever wondered why surgical specialties lag behind their medical counterparts in Evidence-Based medicine? Or what the specific challenges are for EBM in surgical specialties? This review, written by CET co-director Simon Knight and published in European Surgical Research this month, looks at the value of systematic reviews in surgery and some of the […]

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COVID-19 resources in the Transplant Library

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 31st March 2020

The Centre for Evidence in Transplantation are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the British Transplanation Society to compile resources related to COVID-19 in transplantation and add them to the Transplant Library. We hope that this resource will be useful for transplant professionals during the current crisis, providing the most up-to-date guidelines, […]

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Do clinical trials reflect reality?

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 9th January 2018

Renal transplant recipients and donors are becoming increasingly more marginal, with more expanded criteria (ECD) and donation after circulatory death (DCD) donors and increasingly older recipients with multiple comorbidities. Despite this, high-risk donors and recipients are often excluded from clinical trials, leading to uncertainty about the generalizability of findings. In order to highlight the extent of this […]

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Join the discussion: recipient obesity and outcome after renal transplantation

By: Liset Pengel | Posted on 5th November 2015

Two recent systematic reviews were published on this important topic. The review by Lafranca and colleagues entitled “Body mass index and outcome in renal transplant recipients: a systematic review and meta-analysis”(BMC Medicine 2015;13(1):111) included 56 studies. The authors concluded that “Several of the pooled outcome measurements show significant benefits for ‘low’ BMI (30 preferably should […]

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Ear Replantation

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 16th April 2014

In the images section of this weeks New England Journal there are 4 remarkable pictures. In the first is the site of the ear amputation, bitten off by a pit bull dog, in a 19 year old woman, while the second picture shows the retrieved ear after debriding. The arterial blood supply was restored using […]

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Opera music prolongs survival of heart transplants

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 3rd October 2013

Masanori Niimi, Teikyo University, Tokyo and his colleagues have been awarded the 2013 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine for their work showing that cardiac allografts in mice survived very much longer if the mice were exposed to La Traviata for 7 days after transplantation. Grafts survived for 26.5 days whereas in the control group the […]

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