Masters of Nephrology awarded

By: Simon Knight | Posted on: 18th June 2012

At the recent European Renal Association Meeting held in Paris, Sir Peter Morris was one of 24 pioneers in Nephrology in Europe who were honoured at the opening ceremony as Masters of Nephrology. Professor Stewart Cameron and Professor Stanley Shaldon were the other Masters from the UK. Each of the Masters had been interviewed during the past year by Dr Giovanni Piccoli, a nephrologist as well as a film producer, and extracts of the interviews were put to music with a video of the interviewees. This was shown at the opening ceremony and was brilliantly done. The music was arranged by Gil Richiers. At the end of the ceremony all the masters were invited on to the stage to be personally introduced to the audience. One thing was immediately evident, namely that there are no young Masters!

The whole venture was the brain child of Professor Pierre Ronco, the Congress President. It was a brilliant success as recognised by the audience at the opening ceremony who stood to give the Masters a long standing ovation.

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