Evidence in Transplantation (EVIT) course: why should you attend? Read the answers from one of our previous participants.

By: Liset Pengel | Posted on: 2nd February 2015

Dr Luca Toti from the University of Rome and chair of Young Educated Professionals in Transplantation (YEP-IT), has very kindly answered 3 key questions.

1. What did you like best about the course?
The high level of interactivity experienced during the working groups confirmed the importance of the “team force”. Sharing ideas and projects with colleagues with different background and specialities enhances the approach to reach an optimal result and it’s exactly what I expect from every high level course as EVIT but it’s not easy to reach. It was a fair abstract competition! (and the winners were the right ones!!!)

2. Which new skills did you learn during the course?
I learned the importance of focusing and analysing the literature we have at our disposal and that is not always so evident. The PICO system is a good example. Meta-analysis is complex and the time we spent on it during the course is very important on everyday practice.

3. Who should attend the course?
I strongly believe that all professionals (not only the so called “junior”) should experience it. The EVIT course gives a complete overview on the current way to make researches for daily practice but mostly for excellent preparation. The acronym can also reads as Excellence Viewing In Transplantation.

Register for EVIT today: bit.ly/cet_tx

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