Sunshine and Payments to Doctors from the Pharmaceutical Industry

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 27th June 2012

We have all been accustomed in the past to receiving lecture fees, assistance with travel to conferences and even dinners provided by the pharmaceutical industry. However this type of subsidy of doctors’ activities is decreasing and is going to be far more transparent than hitherto. Andrew Jack, the pharmaceutical correspondent for the Financial Times, states […]

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Masters of Nephrology awarded

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 18th June 2012

At the recent European Renal Association Meeting held in Paris, Sir Peter Morris was one of 24 pioneers in Nephrology in Europe who were honoured at the opening ceremony as Masters of Nephrology. Professor Stewart Cameron and Professor Stanley Shaldon were the other Masters from the UK. Each of the Masters had been interviewed during […]

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Successful transplantation of a tracheobronchial airway

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 9th December 2011

This fascinating report appeared in the Lancet on line in the last couple of weeks (Jungebluth et al Nov 24, 2011). This is a single  case report from a team led by Paolo Macchiarini who three years ago reported the first tissue engineered tracheal transplantation with a non immunogenic scaffold of allogeneic human donor trachea […]

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ESOT Congress 2009, Paris

By: Simon Knight | Posted on 2nd September 2009

The CET had its own stand at the ESOT congress in Paris (August 2009). Computers were available for live demonstrations of the Transplant Library. There was also information on the other activities of the CET. Work from the Centre was also presented, including a paper by Liset Pengel and Peter Morris entitled “Do wound complications […]

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