Tacrolimus maintenance doses

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 27th March 2014

The Collaborative Transplant Study ( CTS ) first newsletter for 2014 (February 1 – available to CTS participants only) presents a particularly important analysis of outcomes of deceased donor kidneys between 2003 and 2012 based on the tacrolimus trough levels one year after transplantation. If the maintenance trough levels were less than 5ng/mL there was a significantly worse graft […]

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Origins of Evidence Based Medicine

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 21st February 2014

There was an interesting editorial by Richard Smith and Drummond Rennie in the BMJ recently. The editorial is based on two interviews of pioneers in this field by Richard Smith, the former editor of the BMJ. In the first oral history he interviews Iain Chalmers, Muir Gray and David Sackett. They said that authors from a […]

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HLA mismatch is associated with death with a functioning graft after kidney transplantation

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 2nd January 2013

In this interesting analysis from the Collaborative Transplant Study the authors have analysed some 180,000 deceased donor kidney transplants performed between 1990 and 2009 and have found that the incidence of death with a functioning graft was 4.8% during the first year after transplant and 7.7% during years 2-5. The most frequent causes of death […]

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Donor and recipient age of kidney transplants is increasing

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 22nd December 2012

In the latest CTS newsletter (November 1 2012) there is a very interesting analysis of the age of both donors and recipients over the last 25 years. This shows that the age of donors is steadily increasing with 31% of donors being greater than 60 years of age and 27% between 50 and 59 years […]

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Marked differences in kidney graft survival between Europe and the USA

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 15th November 2012

This very interesting study is in publication in Transplantation. It is an analysis of deceased donor kidney graft survival in Europe and the USA based on CTS data and UNOS data comparing overall and age specific 1, 5 and 10 year graft survival for Europeans and white, African and Hispanic Americans over a 3 year […]

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HLA matching and death with a functioning graft

By: Peter Morris | Posted on 17th September 2012

An analysis just produced by the Collaborative Transplant Study (CTS) (Newsletter 3; 2012) examined the most frequent cause of death in relation to HLA compatibility in the first 3 years after renal transplantation. The most frequent causes of death were infection (27%), cardiovascular disease (30%) and cancer (8%). It appeared that there were more deaths […]

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