HIV Positive to HIV positive kidney transplantation- results at 3-5 years

By: Peter Morris | Posted on: 12th June 2015

Although the outcome of kidney transplantation in HIV positive patients who receive organs from HIV negative donors has been reported as being similar to the outcome in HIV negative recipients, this report from South Africa is the first long term follow up of HIV positive patients who receive kidneys from HIV positive deceased donors.

Over a six year period, 27 HIV positive patients underwent kidney transplantation from deceased donors who tested positive for HIV. All the recipients were HIV positive but were receiving antiretroviral therapy. Survivors were followed for a median of 2.4 years and patient survival was 84% at one year, 74% at five years. Graft survival after censoring for death was 93% and 84% respectively. Thus it is does seem that HIV positive recipients can be transplanted safely with a kidney from a HIV positive donor, which does provide an additional approach to renal replacement therapy in these patients.

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