SONG-TX – developing a core outcome set for renal transplantation

By: Simon Knight | Posted on: 17th February 2016

Many clinical trials have been conducted in kidney transplantation but a wide variety of different outcomes are reported and in different ways, and it is unclear whether they are important to people who have received a kidney transplant. There has been no agreement about what are the most important outcomes to measure and report in studies for kidney transplant recipients. Variability in outcome reporting makes interpretation, comparison and combination of studies in meta-analysis challenging.

The Centre for Evidence in Transplantation is pleased to announce that it is supporting an initiative to create a set of standardised, core outcomes for use in renal transplant trials, audits and registries – the SONG-TX initiative. More details about the project can be found on the project website. The process involves three phases:

  1. a systematic review to identify outcomes that have been reported in trials in kidney transplantation
  2. a three-round Delphi survey with stakeholder groups to distill and generate a prioritised list of core outcomes
  3. a consensus workshop to establish a core outcome set for kidney transplantation trials.

Registration for the first Delphi survey is now open. To take part, register your interest here.

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